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Chapter 2 page 15

8th Apr 2016, 2:00 AM in Chapter 2 - Nakamura High School
Chapter 2 page 15
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Author Notes:

NoiV 8th Apr 2016, 2:00 AM
Sorry, it's a bit late; haha. =u=
I just wanted to put this scene entirely, so I took more time to finish working on it! But in all honesty, there are some pages here that I don't really like, I might rework some of them~

Oh, and sorry to end this update on a talking butt, it's not very classy, heh.

For those of you who might be interrested, I have a Patreon page in which I post some extra stuff and early pages from time to time.


Clyde 18th Apr 2016, 8:18 PM
girls, please don't fight :x